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How to promote a YouTube channel Фев 06

Don’t feed the Russian man with bread — give him something to spin. With bots, scripts, purchased likes, intros, views … It’s never too late to order such services for money at any stage of promotion, and in this article I will tell you how to promote a YouTube channel for free, laying its foundation in such a way that it will initially be head (or two) higher than competitors.

You can buy 100k subscribers youtube pay for your channel.

You will learn how to optimize your channel by changing its default settings and using SEO methods.

In the second article, we’ll talk about optimizing the videos themselves. They say that few of these tricks even in the West are known to very few people, so why don’t we at least somehow overtake the advanced Americans? If promoting on YouTube is important to your business, this simple tutorial will be a big advantage for you.

I decided to describe the process of optimizing and promoting a YouTube channel from scratch, creating a new channel and using my own videos so as not to violate anyone’s copyright. And since I shoot video only on trips, I had to imagine myself, say, as a Russian-speaking guide working, say, in Dubai. So, let’s say that I live in Dubai, make a living doing excursions for Russian-speaking tourists, and want to start promoting my business on YouTube. By the way, Google shows popular YouTube videos at the very top of its overall search results. And if I manage to promote my channel on YouTube, then in Google on request, for example, «Russian guide in Dubai» I have a good chance to get into the first lines with my videos.

But how to do it, because the competition is very high? Let’s start, as always, with preparatory work:

1. The basis of preparation is a careful selection of keywords and determination of the most important of them.

Here, as usual, Yandex.Wordstat will help us. How to work in it is described in detail here, so I will not duplicate it in this article.

So, I am interested in Russian tourists who are going to go to Dubai and planning their cultural program in the emirate. Preferably, accompanied by a guide, that is, me. Therefore, I leave the region «All Russia» in Wordstat and start the search with the keyword «Russian guide in Dubai». Here, the first disappointment awaits me (WordStat is generally good at bringing it down to earth): no one posted such a request in Yandex at all. Only «Russian guides + in Dubai» were asked 21 times in a month. Sparsely — you won’t go far with such a keyword. Therefore, we look further, be sure to look through both columns of prompts. Here’s what we managed to collect:

— excursion dubai — 2435
— uae guide — 143
— excursions + in Dubai — 1456
— excursion UAE — 1811
— excursion abu dhabi — 421
— Dubai guide — 257
— excursions dubai 2016 — 529
— Dubai excursions reviews — 124

We don’t take anything about tours and vouchers — it’s not our topic. We also do not use phrases with very low frequency.

Do not forget to indicate your target region when selecting. For me, this is all of Russia, for you, perhaps, a specific city or several cities.

YouTube channel promotion — channel optimization from scratch

As we can see, the keyword «excursion dubai» is the most popular. We would have taken it, but it would be difficult to compose the name of the channel in this form, with a direct entry — «Excursion Dubai blah blah blah» — as it will sound strange. Therefore, we will be more modest and take the second most popular, but normal sounding phrase «excursions in dubai». This will be the main keyword, we will use it everywhere: in the name of the channel, its description, first in all lists of keys, tags, etc.

The rest of the keywords are not thrown away anywhere, but saved as a list for future use. First we put the one that we chose as the main one, we sort the rest by popularity — from the largest number of requests to the smallest.

— excursions + in Dubai — 1456
— excursion dubai — 2435
— excursion UAE — 1811
— excursions dubai 2021 — 529 (not a bad keyword, but you need to remember to update it every year)
— excursion abu dhabi — 421
— Dubai guide — 257
— uae guide — 143
— Dubai excursions reviews — 124 (we take it only if the channel really has video reviews of tourists)
— Russian guides + in Dubai — 21 (let it be — low-frequency, but the most targeted)

Having sorted the keywords by popularity, we erase all unnecessary and leave a ready-made list for subsequent copy-paste:

— excursions in Dubai
— excursion dubai
— excursion uae
— Excursions Dubai 2021
— excursion abu dhabi
— Dubai guide
— uae guide
— Dubai excursions reviews
— Russian guides in Dubai

We can call the channel simply «Excursions in Dubai» (our main keyword) or add a few more words. We seem to fit the second low-frequency key, so let it be: «Excursions in Dubai, your Russian guide to the UAE.» Not a masterpiece, but SEO rarely combines good optimization and text beauty. If it doesn’t sound too bad for the human ear and robots like it, consider it a success))

2. We also need to prepare a description of the channel. This must be a unique text within 1000 characters. 95-98% of channels do not have descriptions, so Google will be pleased to see thatyou have it. For the description, you can duplicate the text of your page «About the Company», BUT with a rewrite to 95-100% uniqueness. Important: add the main keyword at the very beginning and at the very end of the text.

In my case, the text is something like this:

“Excursions in Dubai in Russian today are no longer exotic — you can order one without any problems, without doubting that you will have a great time. Russian guides in Dubai are real professionals in the tourism business, in love with their city and ready to show you both popular and world famous sights and its most secret corners. By the way, exploring the city in a company is much more fun than alone, and the cost of excursions in Dubai in this case will significantly decrease. In any case, you will not be disappointed, because the emirate will be shown to you by people who breathe its air every day and share their feelings for it with travelers. An experienced accompanying tour guide will help optimize the travel process in order to cover all the most interesting in an adequate time frame. And don’t forget to free up the memory of your phones and cameras to capture all your unforgettable excursions in Dubai! »

3. Prepare also an avatar and cover for your channel. Unlike SEO, graphic design does not have to be done immediately upon registration — you can add it later. The photo or logo for the avatar must be at least 800 x 800 pixels, the size of the cover must be 2048 x 1152 pixels. I will not dwell on this in detail, see the YouTube requirements here.

Let all this stuff now lie and wait for its turn, and we will go to open a channel on YouTube.

There will be many screenshots, and I want to warn you right away: Google changes the interfaces of its social networks so often that in a month or two my screenshots may not coincide with reality, the buttons and blocks will move to other places, and you will have to search for them again.

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