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What is Sexual Fetishism? Окт 22

Men are very fond of talking about how ridiculous and illogical women’s actions are. But if women remember all the strange, funny and unforeseen situations that men created in bed, then a separate number of Pink will not be enough to remember all the best. It is worth noting that a considerable number of people do not call each other precisely after the first night spent together.

After all, nowhere can a man show himself so brightly as in a restaurant, when the waiter brought the bill and in bed, when the lights went out. It is then that it turns out that the guy does not mind wearing women’s panties or is able to cum at the sight of a beautiful floor lamp. Where is the line when sexual fun or an attempt to diversify intimate life becomes a perversion?

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Sexual fetishism is a kind of sexual behavior when an inanimate object can become a cause of a man’s excitement, for example: high-heeled shoes, boots, underwear, uniforms, furniture, and even household appliances — the options can be very different. Also, the honor of the body can act as a fetish: arms, legs, hair, butt … At the same time, other external features and personal qualities of a partner will not bother a man.


Freud put forward the theory that a male fetishist identifies the objects that excite him with his penis. Therefore, he cannot have sex without the subject of his fetish.

In addition, there is an opinion that fetishism is associated with the moment of the first sexual arousal, when all the surrounding objects and the then situation were deposited in the memory. Let’s say a teenager’s first sexual arousal happened in geography class, when a teacher unbuttoned the top button of her shirt. There is a possibility that for the rest of his life a guy will be aroused by just looking at a woman in a white blouse with an unbuttoned button.

Another option for the emergence of fetishism is sexual dissatisfaction in a relationship with a partner. For example, if a woman behaves too overbearingly, then a man may want to dress her up in those details of a wardrobe in which she will look more feminine, thus giving the man the opportunity to feel like an alpha male again.

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